Alabama Barker Clears Instagram Amid Kanye Controversy

The actress is the offspring of Travis Barker aka the drummer from Blink-182. Alabama Barker clears out all her posts from Instagram, leaving just one post from December 2023. At 18, she decided to keep two photos from a cool photoshoot where she’s hanging out with a couple of black goats.

In that one remaining post, she’s rocking blonde hair with a feathery blouse and a side-tied skirt. The caption? “Goats Day.”

Even though Alabama Barker clears up her Instagram posts, she still left the highlights of her “Music” and “Alabama” sections for everyone to see.

Kanye West Controversy

Alabama barker latest picture
Alabama Barker latest picture caption as “Goats Day” (Source: Instagram)

People got all riled up when Alabama shared an old tweet of Kanye from 2013. The tweet said, “I wish I had a friend like me.” Fans were surprised that Alabama would support Kanye, especially since he’s connected to her family through Kim Kardashian, who is her stepmom Kourtney’s sister.

Some fans joked about it, saying stuff like, “It’s funny how Alabama’s into Kanye. Poor Kim probably isn’t too happy about it.”

This isn’t the first time Alabama has shown love for Kanye. Just last month, she called him the “GOAT” after he released the album. Alabama was also dating DD Osama in the past. The couple was seen together for months.

If you want to know about Alabama Barker’s breakup story then read it here. Kanye released his collaboration featuring Ty Dolla $ign called Vultures 1 on February 9.

Alabama shared a pic on her Insta Stories of her and some friends listening to Kanye’s new stuff at the cinema, calling it a “goat s**t show” with lots of goat emojis. It’s like a nod to her earlier post with the goats.

Alabama barker supporting Kanye West by sharing his tweets
Alabama Barker shares Kanye West’s Tweet from 2013 (Source: Instagram)

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