Alabama Barker and Boyfriend DD Osama BreakUp Story

Do you know who is Alabama Barker boyfriend? She was dating the famous American rap singer DD Osama, but the couple recently split ways. Alabama Barker is the super-talented daughter of rock legend Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler.

She’s been going through a rough patch. She is dealing with a breakup that’s got her fans feeling sympathetic and worried.

She posted this pic on Instagram, rockin’ a bodysuit, and you could tell she was feeling a bit do—the girl’s flying solo after Coachella 2023, where her dad rocked the stage with Blink-182.

Why Did Alabama Barker and DD Osama Split Ways?

Her fans have been supportive and sending her love and strength. They tell her to ”live it up as a teenager and not get bogged down by any commitments. You know, chill and have fun!” They broke up during Coachella but the exact dates are still a mystery.

why did Alabama Barker and DD Osama break up
Alabama shared a post on Instagram and mentioned “Single again” (source: insta)

But Alabama’s been pretty private about her love life, which makes sense given her past experiences. She’s all over social media but is not making a big spectacle of her relationships.

We hope she finds some peace and comfort amid this difficult time. If you want to know more about Alabama Barker then click here.

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Alabama Barker and DD Osama’s Ex Rough Exchange

Some drama happened when her ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend decided to throw some shade her way on social media. But guess what? Alabama kept her calm and didn’t get dragged into it. She’s all about keeping her well-being in check and avoiding negativity.

Alabama Barker fight crystal (how tall is alabama barker)

dd osama ex girlfriend crystal

Her ex-boyfriend, DD Osama aka David Reyes is this young and talented rapper from Harlem, NYC. He got some raw and intense lyrics that hit you in the feels. But Alabama is not letting that mess with her head.

She’s focused on her journey and dealing with her emotions like a boss. DD Osama and Alabama Barker’s breakup was tough for both. She shows us she’s real, authentic, and strong through all this mess.

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