Are Mizkif And Emiru Dating? 

Emily Schunk aka Emiru and Matthew Rinaudo aka Mizkif are American Twitch streamers and cosplayers. They both have been in the spotlight recently after collaborating on Twitch and their fans are wondering ‘’are Mizkif and Emiru dating?’’

Hold your Kappas, folks! There’s no solid proof that Mizkif and Emiru are dating despite the grapevine working overtime. Right now, Emiru is solo in the romance department.

The rumors started buzzing after Mizkif’s breakup with Maya Higa in 2021, but it’s essential to remember that these whispers don’t come with a relationship status update.

Is Mizkif Dating Emiru?

Emiru is like the superhero of the gaming world but only with more pixels and fewer capes. The rumors about her and Mizkif caught fire because they seemed to be getting cozy, especially after Mizkif’s split from Maya. But, spoiler alert: no lovey-dovey stuff is going on.

Emiru is not Mizkif’s sweetheart. Sure, they got closer after the whole Maya breakup saga, but there’s no romance cooking. Their friendship might have turned some heads, but it’s all in good, platonic fun.

Still, the fans got their detective hats on, and the rumor mill kept churning.

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Mizkif’s Love History with Maya

Mizkif and Maya were a hot item in the summer of 2019. They even had a YouTube shout-out video. Fast forward to 2021, and they went their separate ways amicably. No drama but just two people decided to go on different quests in the game of love.

How did mizkif and emiru meet
Mizkif Chilling at Home with Girlfriend (via Instagram)

Emiru packing her bags and moving into Mizkif’s content house added fuel to the rumor fire. Fans started drawing comparisons with Maya, but she handled it like a pro. Maya wished Emiru happiness and made it clear – no hard feelings.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Emiru boasts a cool $800,000 estimated net worth. How does she rake in the moolah? Well, it’s a mixed bag of Twitch gold, merchandise magic, and a sprinkle of paid services.

What is Emiru net worth? How much Emiru earn per month
Twitch streamer Emiru in Cosplays (via Instagram)

Emiru’s pockets get padded through various channels as part of the Twitch Partner Program. Those ads you see during her streams? Cha-ching! But the real MVP in her Twitch paycheck is the subscriber squad.

Emiru’s got subscription levels ranging from $5 up. She’s rolling in at least $27,515 a month with a whopping 5,503 active subscribers. And that’s not all. She’s out there hustling for personal sponsorships to level up her Twitch income game.

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Age and Physical Measurements

Age in 202325 years old
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight51 Kilograms
Hair colorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
Body Size31-23-33
Shoe Size6 (US)


In the end, if you are still asking “Are Mizkif and Emiru dating?” Surprise, they are not! Mizkif wants you to know there’s no lingering heartbreak from the Maya days. It’s been over a year, and he’s keeping his romantic cards close to his chest. 

Emiru is on a solo gaming mission to conquer the digital universe. Best wishes to Mizkif, Emiru, and Maya – may your streams be epic and your love lives drama-free.

While we won’t rule out a Mizkif-Emiru power couple, the evidence so far says it’s a no-go on the romance front. Keep the emotes flowing Twitch fam!

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