Ashley Strohmier Biography, Net Worth, Age, and Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered about the remarkable individuals who make a lasting impact in their respective fields? One such personality is Ashley Strohmier. Her unparalleled talent and unwavering determination have made her a force to be reckoned with.

From her fascinating journey to her remarkable achievements, this article will uncover the captivating story of Ashley Strohmier. Discover Ashley Strohmier Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Pregnancy, Wedding, and more.

Ashley Strohmier Biography

Strohmier was born on January 1st, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri, located in the United States. The 1st of January is always when she organizes a grand birthday party for herself.

Undoubtedly, Ashley Strohmier is one of the most beautiful and tall people I have ever seen. She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. Ashley Strohmier is an American journalist and anchor.

The FOX News Channel (FNC) is one of the world’s most renowned news channels in the world, and she is well known for being the overnight anchor reporter for FNC in New York City, United States. She has also been a television anchor and reporter at KMIZ-TV for several years.

As a journalist, she has gained great popularity, is a news reporter, and is famous for her acts. A large part of her following is due to her ingenuity and creativity, which led to her attracting many brands across the globe. 

NameAshley Strohmier
Birth Date01 January 1989
Ashley Strohmier Age (35 Years) in 2024.
Country of originBorn in Jefferson City, Missouri, United States
HusbandMike Counihan
Ashley Strohmier Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million 
Ashley Strohmier Height5 Feet 8 Inch
WeightApprox. 57 Kg
IdentificationShe has brown hair and black eyes
High Schoolingfrom the USA
UniversityMissouri, United States of America
AffiliationJournalist & former model and Anchor

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Ashley Strohmier Parents

She is the daughter of Steve Strohmier and Dana. Her family includes two brothers and a sister (according to news reports on various websites). There is no additional information available on digital media. But we will provide exhaustive details about Strohmier’s parents and siblings in the upcoming weeks.


Ashley Strohmier tied the knot in the year 2022. Her spouse’s name is Mike Counihan, and he also has American nationality. She dated an American fitness model & law enforcement officer named Michael Counihan before she got married.

Their love for each other is evident in their frequent travels and lunch and dinner parties.

Has Ashley Strohmier become pregnant?

Yes, according to news on social media on 23 May 2023. Several days back, Fox News and Friends First co-host Ashley Stormier announced on her Instagram account that she was expecting a child. She posted this news on Instagram and said ” You, Me & baby boy. ”

Ashley Strohmier pregnant

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The anchor is an American journalist who attended Helias High School in Jefferson City. After college, she earned her degree from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.

Ashley Strohmier Fox News

Ashley Strohmier Fox News

Ashley Strohmier works as a reporter and anchor for Fox News. Her presence on the network continues to grow as she analyzes various topics in-depth, including breaking news. Additionally, Strohmier often guests on FOX & Friends First (weekdays, 4-6ET). In March 2020, she became a member of the network based in New York City.

She began her broadcasting journey as a host on radio and then moved into TV news. Hurricane Dorian, the California wildfires, and the 2020 election are among the major events she has covered.

Web searches indicate that Strohmier is known for delivering Fox News news clearly and concisely and connecting with viewers on a personal level.

She contributes significantly to Fox News’s broadcast journalism team and continues to make an impact.


She spent time as a regular assignment reporter and anchor at KMIZ-TV (ABC news) in Columbia, writing about crime and politics. She reported on the Missouri Board of Social Services in 2014, which led legislators to investigate the agency’s practices.

Strohmier was presented with a Missouri Broadcasters Association Award was presented to her in 2019 for being the best news anchor. Furthermore, she also produced, anchored, and managed daily content for other news agencies throughout her career.

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How Wealthy is Ashley?

According to an estimate, Ashley Strohmier had a $1Million – $5Million Net Worth. Fox News welcomed her to its New York headquarters in March 2020. A FOX News Channel (FNC) anchor and correspondent, Strohmier, writes for the channel. She also hosts FNC’s FOX & Friends First. 

Ashley wedding pictures

Social Media Handles

She is very active on social media, especially on Instagram and Facebook. She shares her personal and lovely moments on Instagram often. Ashley has over 27.3 Followers on Instagram and 9.1K Followers on Facebook. Here are the social media accounts:


Q1. Who is Ashley Strohmier?

A: Strohmier is an American anchor working for FOX News Broadcasting Channel.

Q2: What television network is Ashley Strohmier associated with?

A: Ashley Strohmier is associated with [insert name of a television network or broadcasting company].

Q: Where has Ashley previously worked before her current position?

A: Ashley has previously worked as a host on radio and then moved into TV news.

Q: Is Ashley Strohmier Pregnant?

Yes, Fox News and Friends First co-host Ashley announced on her Instagram account that she was expecting a child.

Q: Has Ashley Strohmier covered any significant news events or stories?

A: Yes, Strohmier has covered several significant news events, including Hurricane Dorian, the California wildfires, and the 2020 election.

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