Is Alabama Barker dating Lil Darius? Sizzling Rumours Spark

Alabama Barker’s been getting cozy with rapper Lil Darius, and it’s got people wondering if there’s a romance in the air. Her fans are asking ‘Is Alabama Barker dating Lil Darius’? Well, they are not dating at the moment. Some folks think it might be for an upcoming music video.

They’ve been sharing cute videos on TikTok, cuddled up in a bedroom, but they’re keeping us all guessing about what’s really going on.

You’ve seen Alabama Barker all dressed up in a fancy black lace robe in a video. She was holding a bunch of red roses, and singing along to Birdman’s ‘Born Stunna.’ Lil Darius joins in, and they explore the city together.

They’re pretty chummy in the videos, taking mirror selfies with their arms all tangled up. Things heat up when they’re under a big, white canopy bed, and Alabama’s still in her black lace robe. Darius leaves a mysterious message, saying, “Bae, this isn’t about them; it’s about us.”

Meanwhile, on social media, folks are guessing that Alabama might’ve moved on pretty fast from her previous flame, DD Osama. One person writes, “Alabama, did you leave DD Osama in the dust so quickly?” Another says, “She’s changing partners pretty darn fast.”

People are also wondering if this is all just for a music project or if they’re really into each other. Some are sad that the cute couple of Alabama and DD might be a thing of the past. One person even says, “It looks like Alabama and DD Osama’s connection has faded away.”

All guesses aside Alabama is not dating Lil Darius for now. It was a collab video song where both can be seen chilling and having fun. So all fans need to chill out for now.

Grayson Chrisley Makes a Flirtatious Comment on Alabama’s Post

Grayson Chrisley jumps into the mix with a flirty comment on one of Alabama Barker’s social media posts. He jokes around, saying, “We’re already engaged; she just doesn’t know it yet,” with a bunch of funny emojis.

On ‘Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley,’ Grayson talks about how people had a good laugh at his comment. He’s pretty proud that his comment got the most likes on her post. Surprisingly, Alabama Barker checks out his Instagram story not long after.

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Why did Alabama Barker Broke up with DD Osama?

The breakup of Alabama Barker and DD Osama’s relationship is still a big mystery. They first got together in 2022 when they were spotted in the heart of Los Angeles. But it looks like things fizzled out after Coachella in April 2023.

Even though they’ve split, neither of them has told the world why. Alabama did drop a little hint on her Instagram, though, with a post that said “S.I.N.G.L.E. again,” which she later deleted.

In the end, these intriguing love stories keep us all guessing and wondering. Young love sure has its twists and turns, and we’re here for the ride!


Alabama Barker and Lil Darius have certainly stirred up a lot of buzz but they are not dating right now. Their TikTok adventures, flirty comments, and intriguing connections have left us all guessing about the true nature of their relationship.

While we may never know all the details, one thing is for sure – love, fame, and social media make for a fascinating mix that keeps us entertained and curious.

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