KT Smith and Morgan Wallen Relationship and Breakup Story

Morgan Wallen is a big name in country music. There is much discussion about him not only because of his singing skills but also about the events in his personal life. One big thing is his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Katie Smith, especially before their son was born. Many fans ask the reason for KT Smith and Morgan Wallen breakup. So, here is the complete breakup story.

Why Did Morgan and Katie Break Up?

Morgan Wallen and Katie Smith, also known as “KT,” started dating around 2017 when Morgan was getting famous for his music.

Even though they posted pictures together on social media, their relationship had lots of problems, like breaking up and getting back together many times. Interestingly, they had a baby named Indigo Wilder in July 2020, despite all the ups and downs.

In December 2021, Katie Smith wrote honestly about her relationship with Morgan Wallen on a blog called Thot Thoughts. The couple got engaged but then things became very unstable. She said, calling it a “toxic, trauma bond.”

She explained how Morgan had a tough time staying faithful while becoming famous, which caused a lot of problems.

Is kt smith and morgan wallen dating - Who is KT Smith's son
KT Smith with son Indigo Wilder (Source: Instagram)

Turning to Faith for Comfort: How Katie Smith Found Peace

Even though things were tough, Katie found comfort in her faith and tried to use her struggles to help others.

She talked about how important it was to focus on her son’s happiness and how it was hard at first to co-parent with Morgan, but they got better at it over time.

Morgan moved on in his life and rocked the world of music. His fortune and wealth are boosting day by day In fact, Morgan Wallen’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million now.

What They’re Doing Now

Nowadays, Katie Smith is a popular social media influencer who shares bits of her life with her many followers on Instagram, including moments with her son. She’s in a relationship with Luke Scornavacco and is working on her career and being a mom.

Morgan Wallen also emphasizes the importance of being a dad and says becoming a father has changed his life drastically.

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