Sara Saffari’s Number Game: Vitaly’s Flirting During Power Slap Event

Vitaly’s got his eyes on fitness guru Sara Saffari at the Power Slap event! Russian YouTuber Vitaly is taking a bit of a gamble with his friendship with Sneako. You see, Vitaly’s trying to make a move on Sneako’s ex-girlfriend!

Sneako and Vitaly have hung out online before, but things might get a bit weird now. Vitaly’s trying to score Sneako’s ex’s phone number at the Power Slap event, and it’s got everyone wondering what’s up with their friendship.

Before all this fuss, Sneako and Vitaly streamed from Vegas, where they had a blast with SteveWillDoIt and did some betting. They even grabbed a bite to eat together while streaming.

But, it seems like some folks weren’t too happy about how they treated the waitress. They caught some flak for being a bit rude to her. Uh-oh!

Sneako and Vitaly were chatting about duking it out in Adin Ross’s boxing event. Sneako said he’d be down to throw punches if Vitaly dropped to 165 pounds. Why? Well, because Vitaly’s a lot heavier than Sneako, and it wouldn’t be a fair fight otherwise.

Vitaly is Snagging Sneako’s ex-girlfriend Sara Saffari’s Phone Number

There was a whole bunch of flirting going on at the event. Even Adin Ross, Kai Cenat, and IShowSpeed were caught flirting with model Nina-Marie Daniele.

sara saffari twitter
Vitaly Got Sara Saffari’s Phone Number in Live-stream (Source: Twitter)

But the real shocker was Vitaly flirting with fitness influencer Sara Saffari, especially since she used to date his buddy Sneako. But Vitaly didn’t seem bothered at all; he was openly flirting with her for everyone to see!

Vitaly is chatting it up with Sara and he straight-up asks for her number. But Sara’s not so sure about it at first. She says she’s not comfortable with giving it out, especially since they’re live-streaming.

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Vitally Hitting on Sara Saffari

Sara finally decides to give in and punches her number into Vitaly’s phone. And what do you know? Vitaly’s doing a little victory dance in the background! But hold up, folks! This whole thing’s got his fans scratching their heads.

They’re all wondering what this means for his friendship with Sneako. You see, rumors were flying around about Sneako and Sara maybe dating. They even popped up on each other’s streams and YouTube videos.

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