Maureen Wilson Bio – Who is Robert Plant’s Wife?

The life of Maureen Wilson has been full of exciting experiences. Most people know her as the wife of Robert Plant. In rock ‘n’ roll history, their bond ranks as exceptional. 

Even though Maureen Wilson has been quiet for years, I would like to consider her life and infamous reputation. Here is a brief Maureen Wilson biography.

Maureen Wilson Bio

Name:Maureen Wilson
Birthdate:20 November 1948
Her Age:73 Years old
Place of Birth:Eastern India
Resides inEngland
Color of eyes:Blue
Color of hair:Black
Famous for:Being the ex-wife of Robert Plant, the vocalist for Led Zeppelin
Siblings:Shirley Wilson
Number of childrens:Three — Karac Pendragon (deceased), Carmen Jane, and Logan Romero

Early Life

Maureen was born in Kolkata, India. A move was made by her family to Birmingham, England, shortly after her birth where she lived most of her life.

She had an incredibly hardworking father who ran a steel factory. It needs to be clarified what Maureen Wilson’s childhood was like.

Maureen Wilson Age

She is 74 years old and was born in 1948. Not much information is available about her health and lifestyle.

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Who is Robert Plant?

The musician Robert Plant is most famous for leading the rock band Led Zeppelin. Plant played an integral role in history as a band member until its disintegration in 1980. He was a native of West Bromwich, and he sang in several blues groups before working with Led Zeppelin.

what happened to robert plant's wife

First Meeting with Robert Plant

A Georgie Fame concert in 1966 brought Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant together. Even though the concert had to be postponed at the last moment, the two got in touch and remained in touch. A relationship blossomed between them as they continued to see each other.

The plant was not a famous musician before Led Zeppelin’s appearance in 1968. Plant had a history of joining and leaving bands when he met Maureen. Due to his ambition to become a rock star, Maureen became the breadwinner for the family.

Several sources have mentioned Maureen’s occupation. Some sources claim she worked at the steel factory run by her father. She is also described as a nurse in other sources. However, she may have worked two jobs at the same time.

The Marriage of Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant

Their wedding was held at Roundhouse, where Zeppelin performed earlier in the evening. This was Led Zeppelin’s first performance as a new band.

The couple owned a farm and raised a family. Shortly after Led Zeppelin’s rigorous touring, Maureen chose to remain at home to raise her children.

Three children were born to this couple: Karac Pendragon Plant, Carmen Jane Plant, and Logan Romero Plant. Five-year-old Karac died from a stomach illness. He inspired Robert Plant’s song “All My Love.”

Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant Marriage

“Thank You” is one of Led Zeppelin’s most famous love songs, dedicated to Maureen by Robert Plant. I find the lyrics of this song breathtaking, and it is one of Led Zeppelin’s best songs. The fact is that these were Plant’s very first lyrics!

The marriage of Robert Plant and Maureen Wilson ended in divorce in 1983. Their divorce was influenced mainly by Robert’s extensive tour commitments and the passing of their son.

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She was briefly romantically involved with Jason Bonham’s guitarist Ian Hatton following the divorce of Plant. They probably dated around 1991. 

Where is Maureen Wilson Now?

Maureen Wilson is little known now that she lives in obscurity. Her friendship with Robert Plant remains intact. Her 70th birthday party featured Robert Plant singing Elvis songs for her. She still attends his concerts.


Researching Maureen Wilson led me to discover interesting facts I didn’t know! I found a few interesting Maureen Wilson facts.

Acting Work

She did make some roles on television and in films, but she was not a notable actress. In 1976, Led Zeppelin’s Concert Film The Song Remains the Same featured her uncredited appearance.

When Did Maureen Wilson’s Car Accident Happend? 

When on holiday in Rhodes along with her daughter, Carmen Jane, Maureen, and Robert’s family suffered a severe car accident (perhaps Maureen’s sister, Shirley, and a third singer were there). It appears that Maureen drove the vehicle. An accident occurred when a vehicle veered off the roadway and struck a tree.

Maureen’s injuries, including a split vertebra and broken leg, were life-threatening. Moreover, Carmen fractured her wrist as well.

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Do Maureen and Shirley Wilson Get along?

Do Maureen and Shirley Wilson Get along

The former singer had an affair with his sister-in-law, Shirley Wilson. Jesse Lee was born to the couple in 1991.

A relatively quiet life for the son of Led Zeppelin’s icon, he rarely appears with his father at special events. Only a little information is available on whether Maureen and Shirley Wilson get along now. Robert and Maureen are now just friends, so Maureen does not have any hard feelings toward him.

Is Robert Plant Married to Alison Krauss?

No, Robert Plant is not married to Alison Krauss. After all his past relations, He dated American Singer Patty Griffin for over a year and broke up with her. Now Rober Plant is single and living his life. 

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